How to proceed:

For an initial, two-hour, in-home design consultation where we will meet and discuss the areas of concern in your home or office the fee is $385.  Often during this meeting you will receive workable recommendations that you can immediately implement on your own.  Currently, a recommended floorplan for one room with furniture is included with this fee. 

If we decide it will be mutually beneficial to work together on your design project, products are offered at or below the manufacturers' suggested retail pricing.


If you prefer,  we are happy to lay out the design including the cabinetry, millwork, floorplans with furniture and  to specify items that you may either purchase through us or from  your own sources.  In this case there would be a flat design fee based on the  the project square footage and scope of the project.  The majority of our clients prefer that we manage the whole project and take care of any hiccups that may occur.  

Purchasing furnishings and carpeting through Interiors of Washington has the added benefit for all clients that due to our professional status and excellent reputation, we have been selected to be a dealer for many fine furnishings and carpet manufacturers and therefore are able to offer you competitive pricing for these high quality items.